Artist : Pex Pitakpong  Jamesripong

Opening : 25 September 2020
Duration : 25 September – 30 December 2020

Statement from the artist
Things in the world have two sides.
Something looks the same from the outside, or may be seen and thought so. Actually, the interior maybe completely different.  Likewise, it’s not necessary for twins to have the same temperaments.
This series of my work is a small reflection of these things.

Pex Pitakpong Jamesripong (2020)

About my Sketchbook
This drawing relaxes me from large printing works.

It is a reflection of how we feel about society each day. It is also the idea that will lead to further work and a apart of my daily life that I can express my ideas quickly.

1. Inside

It is a reflection of what you want which is the opposite of your inner self.

2. My Doll

He or you? Who’s another person’s toy? Sometimes it’s hard to find an answer.

3. We stuck

Maybe we are all convinced that we have side and color.
As a matter of fact, we are all hung in the same place. We therefore, have no different status.

4. We need freedom

All living things need freedom both physically and mentally.

5. Me & Me

I, on some days, don’t feel like myself. Maybe we have another self in a complex dimension inside.

6. Peace

Builder or destroyer? Maybe we have been made to believe in what is contrary to the truth.

7. Can you hear

Same story, but we may perceive or understand it differently. Or it may have been distorted from the truth. This is where many problems begin, both at a small and global scale.

8. My Pet

In face, who is the boss
Who is the pet?

9. twin

I, who have life, sometimes seem lifeless.
A doll, who is lifeless, looks more alive.

10. VS.

Belief is beyond reason.
And in some places the belief is the same, even though the appearance is different.